• We provide the services to respray of the whole piece.

  • Respray your safe can improving attractiveness of your equipment.

  • This can be useful if you wish to help your safe blend into the background , just update the colour or finish to a more modern look , or ensure it look professional. Some vaults have to be in the public eye , such as jewelers and some other businesses , so your security equipment needs to look the part.

  • We will work with you to understand your needs and then we will provide you with the best products and services in the industry . Please call (03-33189422) one of our customer service representatives to find out how we can help you.
  • 我们所提供的服务整体重喷。重喷你的保险箱可改善你的设备的吸引力。

  • 这是很有用的,如果你想要帮助你的保险箱完全融入你的背景中,刚刚更新的颜色或完成一个更现代化的外观,或者是确保它看起来更有安全感,同时也很专业。尤其是一些的金库必须要在公众的视线,如宝珠商人和其他一些企业,让你的安全设备更耐看。

  • 我们将和你一起,了解你的需求,然后我们将为你提供最完善的服务.请联络我们的客户服务专线(03-33189422) ,以找出最好的产品和服务来帮助你。
  • Perkhidmatan respray menjadikan ''security safe'' anda yang lebih menarik , kelihatan professional.

  • Kami akan bekerjasama dengan anda untuk memahami keperluan anda dan kami akan menyediakan anda dengan produk dan perkhidmatan terbaik dalam pasaran . Sila hubungi03-33189422 , wakil perkhidmatan pelanggan kami akan membantu menyelesaikan masalah anda.
The Company places great emphasis on the services for its clients. The company offers free product delivery service throughout the country with no minimum order amount. To complement its flagship products, the Company also provides customised spraying service, allowing a product to be coated in a colour of the client’s choice. A respray service is also offered to increase the overall aesthetic values of the products.

Experienced Project Foreman

Specialized Tools and Equipment

On-or Off-site Modifications and Repairs

Company Fleeet of Semis, Delivery Trucks, and Service Vans

Full Project Management from Start to Finish

Repair Safe

Force Open Safe
We have an experienced team of safe installers and movers who are fully trained to safely transport your safes or security products anywhere in Klang Valley. We have all the latest equipment required and ensure as little disruption as possible during the process.
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